Ahmet Buğra Avcılar

I'm thinking about user interfaces, then design these and make some usable digital products.

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Midas I designed a simple and usable interface for everyone to commision-free investing.
Viscose Design System The best thing that I worked on at my previous company is a design system for Modanisa. I only can share some screens from some parts of the system, because it has never been finalized.
Youtube Music After Youtube releasing to music service's web version, I worked for the desktop version of Youtube Music.
Istanbul Kart I worked on a more understandable design language for the implementation of Istanbul Kart application.
Calculator I have designed new experience for calculator that is against the patterns of regular calculators.
Quikeat The application concept of an AI-based application that brings the most appropriate food to people when they feel very hungry.
Bus Tracking A simplified version of Mobiett
Batman An app that uses artificial intelligence to speed up Batman's moves in Gotham City and reduce crime rate.
Atlas Global Work on responsive design for Atlasglobal. This project requested from me during a recruitment process. As a part of the project, I designed the second phase of the checkout page for desktop, tablet and phone.

You can see what am i doing on the internet or say to me.

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